Sai Satcharitra Telugu

This app is a collection of real life stories of Shirdi Sai Baba in Telugu. Easy navigation with previous/next buttons and bookmark option.

Sai Satcharitra English

Every story shows a random quotation of Sai Baba at the footer.Om Shri Sainathaya Namaha!!

Bhagavad Gita English

The Bhagavad Gita, literally meaning "The Song of the Bhagavan", often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Shiva Stotras

This app is collection of Shiva Stotras.
Shiva meaning "The Auspicious One", also known as Mahadeva ("Great God"), is one of the three deities of Hinduism. Shiva is distinct from Vishnu and Brahman yet one with them.

50 Fruits

This app collection of fruits in four languages English, French, German and Spanish.
Look inside the fruit, seeds and whole.
Know how to pronounce the fruit names.


A simple app to show different varieties of fans. It has only images no animation.

English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary is an application which is used for learning english. This application is used for finding meaning of a word,its pronounciation, meaning, and synonyms. You can save your words for further reference. You can test your knowledge of the saved words by practicing them.

Sales Manager

Sales Management is an application which is useful for different types of customers it is used for storing your products,its entire details, retrieving them whenever needed, generating reports based on sales....,

Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of New Zealand

On 2nd February, 2002, a group of like minded devotees of Sri Shirdi SaiBaba met, discussed and decided to form a Sansthan.

Shree Hanuman Mandir

Its a location for worship for all Hindus and also learn the ideals of sanathan dharam through various pravachans.